Occupational Therapy Services

Jeannette Schwartz M.S., OTR


  Children with Learning Disabilities

A child’s first appointment is a two-hour evaluation. Standardized tests and clinical observations are administered to determine which areas of the sensory foundation of learning need to be addressed. A parent conference is scheduled at a later date for the parents to receive the child’s test results, an explanation of what they mean, and how the child might benefit from therapy.  Questions and discussion are encouraged.

Children with learning disabilities benefit from a whole body approach to learning that address their individual needs. It is our aim to give each child the foundation needed for reading, math and handwriting skills. Many children with learning disabilities are trying to learn higher level thinking skills, but don’t have a strong foundation on which to base their learning. This can lead to splinter skills that do not support higher level thinking skills. Treatment may include core strength training, laterality training, integration of postural reflexes, fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills and handwriting skills.

We use a structured whole body approach to learning. Children usually move continuously the first 45 minutes of their weekly individual hour session. Fine motor, perceptual skill training or handwriting skills typically comprise the last 15 minutes of each session. Consistency of performance is the key to success in the classroom. Therapeutic goals are addressed in levels, with clearly stated criteria so that each child will know that they are progressing. In addition to therapeutic goals, children are assessed every 6 months of treatment to determine their progress against a standardized norm.

Other treatments:

arrow  Children with sensory processing difficulties

arrow  Children with visual perceptual deficits, nonverbal learning disability or dyseidetic dyslexia

arrow   Children and Adults with dysgraphia or poor handwriting skills

arrow  Children and Adults in need of manual treatment techniques including CranioSacral treatment

8600 Wurzbach Road, Suite 1003, San Antonio, Texas 78240

8600 Wurzbach Road, Suite 1003
San Antonio, Texas 78240