Occupational Therapy Services

Jeannette Schwartz M.S., OTR



Dysgraphia means difficulty with handwriting. There are many different causes for dysgraphia. A thorough evaluation is performed that addresses all areas of this diagnosis and a treatment plan is developed based on these findings. A whole body approach is used to improve handwriting skills. If sitting at a desk and practicing would have corrected the issues involved, then these patients would not have any difficulties because this is the approach used in schools. Children with dysgraphia need more to correct their problems with handwriting skills.

Young adults who are in college sometimes need to have their dysgraphia documented one more time at the college level. This service is provided along with suggestions for classroom modifications that may be needed.

Other treatments:

arrow  Children with sensory processing difficulties

arrow  Children with learning disabilities and reading difficulties including dyslexia

arrow  Children with visual perceptual deficits, nonverbal learning disability or dyseidetic dyslexia

arrow  Children and Adults in need of manual treatment techniques including CranioSacral treatment

8600 Wurzbach Road, Suite 1003, San Antonio, Texas 78240

8600 Wurzbach Road, Suite 1003
San Antonio, Texas 78240