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Jeannette Schwartz M.S., OTR


  Sensory Processing Issues

All children and adults have sensory processing issues with the sensory stimuli they are exposed to in the course of their daily activities.  What varies is the degree to which these sensory issues interfere with or disrupt their daily lives. Severe sensory issues can make the world a nightmare and an unsafe place. For these people, the noises of the crowd or the toilet flushing are too loud. Tags in clothes bother them to the point they are unable to concentrate. Socks and shoes bother them to the point that they wear them as little as possible.  These children may fall frequently or may have poor awareness of social space and get too close to others. All children with sensory processing disorder are different depending on their or her cluster of sensory difficulties.

These children are provided with individualized, structured stimulation to help their central nervous systems to integrate and utilize the stimulation in a more normal manner.  The therapy helps normalize the child’s overactive senses or increase sensory awareness of a particular form of sensory feedback. Parents are also given ideas to use at home and teachers are given suggestions that will help these children in the classroom.

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8600 Wurzbach Road, Suite 1003
San Antonio, Texas 78240